Qalb Lozeh and Kirk Bizeh

February 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

This little town, hidden in the middle of the Jevel Ala, is part of a group of Druze villages that still remain in these mountains.

In the center of Qalb Lozeh (in arabic, heart of the almond) there is one of the best preserved churches from the Byzantine times, dating from around 469 and 480 AD, and predating ‘Saint Simeon’ by just a couple of decades.

Arriving to Qalb Lozeh you can notice that women do not dress or cover similarly as the other villages before. They do not hide all her hair, they cover partially with a think white scarf. Also, they do not wear the typical abaya or black dress, but long skirts and shirts. We also crossed a couple of guys with a neckless of the five pointed colorful star (Druze star).

KIRK BIZEH is a settlement with houses dating from the third to sixth century. Here you will find ruins of a house from the third century and next to it, to the west, a fourth century church which was probably originally a house, in which it was built a portico and a courtyard. The church is considered one of the oldest in The Middle East and it is perfect example of ancient architecture during fourth century. There are two other villas which are from the fifth or sixth centuries as well as the remains of six modest farmhouses a little further away.

How to get here:

Qalb Lozeh is around 35 km west of Aleppo, you have to follow the road that goes to Bab Al Hawa and Turkey. However, we went by minibus. With the ‘service’ is possible to arrive to the town of Hattan or Qurqanya. The minibuses for Qurqanya leave from the station close to Bab Antakia, and this service not only arrives to Qurqanya, but continues to Hattan, from which there is only 3 km on foot to arrive to Qalb Lozeh. It is a little of a climb, but it is possible to just take a small path that leaves from the south entrance of the town, and climbs up to Qalb Lozeh. If you follow these indications, the first ruins you will see right before arriving to Qalb Lozeh, and overlooking to the Hatta valley is Kirk Beezah.


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